Nut rivets

What is a nut rivet?

It is called a nut rivet to connect the material that is too thin to allow the tooth to be used to assemble the bolt. Used nut rivets The material's teeth work like a nut that is welded to the material that is made in the application. Nut rivets contribute to your production process by making the very thin materials even the bolt can apply.

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What does a nut rivet do?

With the use of nut rivets, the materials that cannot be reached in the back are also made nuts. Furthermore, this material provides a high level of strength, as it is not possible to be able to open teeth or to be used in cases with no teeth opening.

Nut rivets and used areasRivets with Nuts

The first use of the NUT rivet material is used for the installation of the rubber surface on aircraft wings. With this application, the simple way of assembling the materials where the manual is not possible to withdraw. The application has been used in many areas with time because it is a great convenience that no need for a nut boiling process.

The frequency of use of nut rivet material is used in the manufacture of furniture, white goods production, automotive industry, electronic goods production and marine vehicles.

How is the nut rivet application done?

With priority, the nut is placed correctly in the Rivet rivet gun. A suitable diameter hole is opened for the materials to be merged. It is placed in the rivet material in the drilled hole. Then the rivet gun is pressed into the tightening process. During the tightening process, the nut is swollen and compresses the material. In this way the NUT rivet application process is finalized. The quality of the material used in the procedure is important, as it is necessary to set the opening hole diameter for the assembled material correctly.