Ethical Values Policy

    1. Honesty and honesty are our primary values in All our business processes and relationships. We act With integrity and honesty in our relations with Employees and all stakeholders.
    2. Privacy Confidential and Private Information; Expert Aluminium Ltd. Şti's information that may create a disadvantage, trade secrets, financial and other information not yet publicly disclosed, information of personnel rights and "confidentiality agreements" with third parties Information in the framework. Expert Aluminium LTD. Şti employees; Safeguarding the privacy and private information of customers, employees and other interested persons and organizations. Protects confidential information regarding the activities of Uzman Aluminyum LTD. Şti, uses this information solely for the purposes of the company; Share this information only with the relevant persons within the specified authorizations. By leaking any confidential information belonging to Uzman Aluminyum Ltd. Şti, it is absolutely unacceptable to obtain any commercial interest. When leaving our Company, we also have confidential information and documents that we have due to its mission, project, regulation, etc. Work cannot be excluded.
    3. Responsibilities as well as our Legal responsibilities; We take care to fulfill our responsibilities listed below against our customers, employees, suppliers and business partners, competitors, society, humanity and the name of Expert Aluminium Ltd. Şti. A. Our Legal Responsibilities All activities and transactions available in Turkey and abroad are Laws and international law, we provide accurate, complete and understandable information to legal regulatory agencies and organisations in a timely manner. While conducting All our activities and operations, all kinds of public institutions and organizations, administrative processes, non-governmental organisations and political parties are equally within the expectation of any interest and we fulfill our obligations with this responsibility consciousness . All Our Financial Transactions are carried out in accordance with the law and are controlled and monitored by the Chartered Accountant service. B. Our Responsibilities to Our customers we work with a proactive understanding that focuses on Customer satisfaction and responds to the needs and demands of our customers as soon as possible. We provide our Services on time and in our promised conditions; We approach our customers under the rules of respect, honour, justice, equality and courtesy. We report the quality, security and rule violations that may have a negative impact on the Company or its suppliers ' business and to the top management. The Senior management assessment and the customer as soon as necessary to make the notification.

      C. Our Responsibilities to Employees we ensure that the Employees ' rights are fully and accurately used. We undertake an honest and fair approach to Employees, a non-discriminatory, safe and healthy working environment. It shows the necessary efforts for the individual development of Our Employees, and supports the social responsibility consciousness to volunteer for appropriate social and societal activities, we observe the balance between business life and private life.

      D. Our Responsibilities to our Partners by giving importance to the continuity of Expert Aluminium Ltd. Şti firstly and in line with the goal of creating value to our partners; Avoid taking unnecessary or unmanageable risks, we aim for sustainable profitability. We act within the framework of Financial discipline and accountability, and we manage our working time with the resources and assets of our company with efficiency and savings consciousness. We take care to increase our Competitiveness and invest in areas that have the potential to grow and provide the highest return on the connected resource. We provide timely, accurate, complete and understandable information about our Financial statements, strategies, investments and risk prophyto.

      E. Our Responsibilities to our Suppliers/Business Partners we behave fairly and respectfully as expected from a Good customer, and we demonstrate the necessary care to fulfill our obligations on time. We carefully protect the confidential information of our business partners and the people and organizations we do Business with.

      F. Our Responsibilities to our Competitors Effectively, we only compete in legal and ethical areas and avoid unfair competition. We support the efforts to achieve a targeted competitive structure within the Community.

      G. Our Responsibilities to Society and Humanity protection of Democracy, human rights, and the environment; Education and charity work, the elimination of crime and corruption is very important to us. Acting as a pioneer in social matters with the consciousness of being a Good citizen; We try to take part in the appropriate activities in civil society organizations, in the public interest services. We act as sensitive to the traditions and cultures of Turkey and the countries where we conduct international projects. Gift, etc., in excess of Bribes or purses. We do not give and accept products and services.

    4. Conflicts of Interest the employees of Expert Aluminium Ltd. Şti stay away from conflict of interest. Taking advantage of our Current mission; In person, we do not provide personal interest from the people and organizations that we are dealing with in the business of our family or our relatives. Besides Expert Aluminium Ltd. Şti, we do not work in an additional fnansal-based business activity. We avoid using the name and strength of Uzman Aluminyum Ltd. Şti in order to provide our identity with personal benefit. Expert Aluminium Ltd. Şti is essential to avoid situations where employees can create conflicts of interest. Expert Aluminium Ltd. is one of the most important responsibilities of all employees, avoiding situations where the name, identity and power of the company are not used for personal benefit, the name and image of the institution will adversely affect. The Following principles of practice determine the conflicts of interest that the Company's employees may encounter in their private lives when performing their duties or because of business relationships, and the principles that should be applied in these situations. In the case of Potential conflicts of interest, we apply these methods when we believe that the interests of the relevant party can be safely protected through legal and ethical methods. If we Hesitate, we'll consult with our manager. Application Fundamentals All Company Employees must comply fully with the conditions and principles outlined in the activities that may create a conflict of interest below. The Company does the work necessary to encourage its employees to sleep in these principles. Employees do not enter into a business relationship that provides mutual or unrequited benefits in any manner with their family members, friends or other third parties involved. For example, an employee with a purchase authorisation should refrain from doing business with a supplier working with one of their family members. The Exception is subject to the information and approval of the company's chairman. Employees are not able to acquire any commercial interest by leaking any information from the companies from the inside, nor can they be able to gain interest from others. Expert Aluminium Ltd. Sti. Employees In non-Profit organizations and universities, they can work on social responsibility and assistance tasks with the written approval of the management in cases where the company does not dissociates its duties. Expert Aluminium LTD. Are able to actively operate in any political party, individually and voluntarily. Managers cannot ask their employees to do a political job or become a member of a party. The duties of the Employees at any political party are possible with the following conditions and written approval of the administration; Employees should not create a conflict of interest with the duties, practices and approaches they maintain in the company in any political activity. Employees are not able to engage in any political activity during working hours and cannot take the time of their colleagues related to these activities. Employees cannot use company name, position, title, and company-owned resources during their political activities. Employees may personally grant financial or spiritual assistance and/or donations to third parties outside the company and can serve in charity associations.
    5. Misuse of the Task it is unacceptable to harm Expert Aluminium Ltd. Şti by using the powers of the people, except for their own and/or relatives ' interests and the care that is expected of them. Employees are not able to obtain personal earnings directly or indirectly from all transactions and agreements where the company is a party with purchase and sale activities. Employees cannot act on morality, law and corporate discipline.
    6. The use of Resources is taken into consideration in the use of resources to be made on behalf of the company. Company assets, facilities and staff can not be used outside the company, regardless of the name and the benefit of the company without any interest. The principle of "saving on Every subject" is applied by all personnel. The right use of Resources in the company's interest also requires the correct use of time. During Business hours, company employees use the time well and do not spend time in their private business hours. Managers cannot assign employees to their personal business. It is essential not to accept special visitors during Working hours. Employees must complete the negotiations for mandatory visitors in a reasonable time in connection with the subject of the visit and not to interfere with the workflow.
    7. Relations With Other Persons and/or Entities in Which the company is Involved in a Business relationship Company customers, subcontractors or suppliers, and other persons and/or entities in which the company is involved in a business relationship cannot be entered into a special business relationship with personal Money and/or goods/services cannot be borrowed, and the company may not lend money and/or goods/services to other persons and/or entities in which it is involved in the commercial relationship. The following considerations are taken into consideration in relationships with Customers; Even in favor of the customer, without customer knowledge, a transaction cannot be made, and even if it is in favor of the company, the customer's weakness cannot be exploited and the profit cannot be motivated by providing incomplete or inaccurate information to the customer. The Company's staff may not request, Imada, gift from other persons and/or entities in which the company is involved in a commercial relationship; No gifts, money, checks, property, free holidays, special discounts etc. that will put companies under liability. Cannot accept. No personal assistance, donations from any person or organization with a business relationship with the Company are unacceptable. The Gift Acceptance and Issuance Policy applies to the Subject matter.
    8. All kinds of associations, employers ' unions and similar non-governmental organizations representing the Company's Representative Company will be donated to any fee, the relevant institution or the relevant institution, which shall be accrued by the task being fulfilled. 3. Payments made by people to the company employee in exchange for a seminar speaker fee or similar service are likewise donated to the relevant institution or the channels that the institution will direct. These individuals are given as the memory of the day outside of the money and the symbolic value of the prize, the mattress etc. Gifts. Expert Aluminium Ltd. Şti does not accept gifts or benefits that may affect the objectivity, decisions and behaviors of its employees, 3. It is essential that individuals and organisations do not attempt to provide gifts and interests that may create such effects. The application principles defined Below are the 3. Organizing and determining the principles that may be applied to individuals and organisations. Application Fundamentals It is forbidden for the Company employees to receive any interest or gift that has economic value or not, which is likely to affect or affect their neutrality, performance, decision making. Company employees; The Institution complies with the business objectives, complies with the applicable legislation, and the fact that the third party learning of the gift will not leave the company in a difficult state, you may receive and/or give gifts in the aforementioned features or a special be subjected to application. Company employees can provide and receive entertainment, catering and food at acceptable standards in the business world with the condition of the board's approval. In the event of participating seminars and similar organizations, other than money, as the memory of the day and the symbolic value of the prize, the mattress, etc. Gifts can be received. It is prohibited to take gifts or interests that are Implied or expressly linked to a provision. Taking, giving or offering Bribes and/or commissions is unacceptable under any circumstances. It is prohibited for Company employees to accept gratuitous or loaner money from sub-employers, suppliers, consultants, competitors or customers, travel expenses, event expenses and similar payments. What gifts and promotional materials can be given to third parties in the customer and business relationship by the Company is approved by the company's top management. For the distribution of Approved gifts and promotional materials, there is also no need to get permission. In accordance with the Foregoing conditions, the company may accept the appropriate products and services as a gift and, within the knowledge and approval of the upper management, products or services that conform to the buyer's culture and ethical values can be given as gifts. In exceptional cases where the values of the Local culture are required to give mutual gifts above the values set in the company policy, these gifts can only be accepted on behalf of the company and with the approval of the company's top management. In Any case, the exchange of gifts should be done in accordance with local culture.
    9. Confidential Information Protection Policy The effective use of information, sharing correctly, and ensuring the confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of information in this process is the common responsibility of all of our companies and employees. The management systems established for the management and confidentiality of information in our Companies and the applied processes in harmony with each other is important for achieving the highest level of benefit. The following application principles; Uzman Aluminyum LTD. Defines confidential information For the company and regulates the principles that employees must comply with for confidential information. Application Principles Confidential Information is not limited to these, Expert Aluminum Ltd. Trademark etc. Fkri rights, including any kind of innovation, written, found, developed, made or implemented by the database, printed communication materials, processes, advertising, product packaging and labels and plans (marketing, product, technical), business strategies, Information about strategic partnerships and partners, financial information, personnel information, customer lists, product designs, know-how, specifications, identification of potential and real customers, information about suppliers, etc. It covers all types of written, GRAFK or machine readable information. The following principles of Confidential information are as follows: This information may not be disclosed to third parties unless disclosure is mandatory in accordance with the Official Authorities and Legislation. This information cannot be changed, copied and destroyed. Precautions are taken to keep the Information safe, storage and disclosure. The changes to the Information are recorded along with their history. Confidential files cannot be removed from the institution. For confidential information that needs to be removed from the Institution, the information must be responsible or approved by the senior management. Passwords, user codes, and similar identifying information used for access to Company information are kept confidential and not disclosed to anyone other than authorized users. Company Confidential information is not spoken in public places such as dining halls, cafeteria, elevator and so on. The Company's staff knows the confidentiality of the information it obtains by duty and treats it in accordance with privacy. When there is a hesitation in terms of Privacy, it is treated according to a top privacy class and the relevant manager's opinion is taken. In the interest of sharing information with Third parties and/or organizations in the interests of the company, it is necessary to ensure that individuals and organisations are concerned about the security and protection of the shared information. Confidentiality agreement is signed or a commitment to the written privacy is obtained from the opposite side. No unfounded representation and/or gossip about Individuals or institutions. The fees, benefits and similar personal information of the personnel who reflect the Company policy and that are personal is confidential and cannot be disclosed to anyone other than the authorities. Personal information is sent to the Personnel. It is strictly forbidden for Staff to disclose this information to others or to print to other employees for disclosure of information.
    10. Creating and Sustaining a Fair Working Environment Policyexpert Alüminyum Ltd. Şti is one of the most important priorities for the creation and maintenance of a fair working environment for the employees. In compliance with all Applicable laws and regulations, it is aimed to increase the success, development and commitment of employees by creating a healthy and safe working environment, which is fair, respectful to the employee. The Following application principles determine the basic principles of the creation and maintenance of a fair working environment in Uzman Aluminyum Ltd. Şti. Application Fundamentals The Company's applications comply with all applicable laws and regulations in relation to employment and working life. The Company's employees also fulfill all legal requirements under their own activities and behave in accordance with the legal regulations. Expert Aluminium Co. Ltd. Human resources policies and practices; Employment, Terftransfer-rotation, compensation, rewards, social rights etc. Ensure that all other applications are fair. It is unacceptable to discriminate against language, race, color, gender, political thought, belief, religion, sect, age, physical disability and similar reasons among employees within the Institution. A supportive, positive and harmonious working environment is created in the Company, preventing conflict environments and allowing people with different beliefs, thoughts and views to work harmoniously. Employees ' privacy and personal areas are respected. Communication between Persons cannot be violated by non-parties. Even if registered in accordance with the LAW, it is prohibited to grant/disseminate/conquer personal data to others in violation of the law. In the Workplace, the employee's personal information arising from the nature of the business relationship and may be necessary for further purposes is not used outside the aims and without the consent of persons 3. Not shared with individuals. ALL employees are respected for private and family life. Besides the immunity of all kinds of Employees, the physical, sexual and emotional immunity is also observed. Any violation of the immunity of any kind through physical, sexual and/or emotional harassment, in any place where Employees, at work or in business, is contrary to law and ethical rules and is not in any way by the company to Tolerance is not shown. The aim of This application is to ensure that employees work in a business environment in which their physical, sexual and emotional immunity is preserved. It is defined as sexual harassment when a person's body immunity is violated with sexual behaviour and/or sexually harassed without any physical contact. Accordingly; It is prohibited to exhibit any behaviour that may be assessed within this definition. In Addition, there is no tolerance for complaints and notices about any harassment or in the same manner to those who are in the negative state and behavior against those who assist in the investigation. No employee can claim privileged practice due to different gender, religion, language, race, and cannot be subjected to any special application. Taking advantage of differences such as Gender, religion, language, race, and making concessions is unacceptable. Workplace physical work environment and conditions are ensured to be healthy and safe for all employees.
    11. MANAGERS Accountsspecialist Aluminium Co. Ltd. Managers have additional responsibilities beyond the responsibilities defined for employees. Accordingly, managers; To ensure the creation and maintenance of a company culture and working environment that supports Ethical rules, to be exemplary from the behavior of the implementation of Ethical rules, to educate employees on ethical rules, to conduct To provide guidance on what to do when consulted, to take into consideration all transmitted notices and to convey to the Ethics Committee as soon as necessary, to support their employees to transmit questions, complaints and notices. Is responsible for ensuring that its Responsible business processes are configured to minimize the risks associated with ethical issues and to implement the necessary methods and approaches to ensure compliance with ethical rules.
    12. OTHER Accountscorporate top management; They are responsible for the effective implementation of the Code of Business Ethics and the creation of a culture in which it is supported. The Rules of Business Ethics and any related policy are announced by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Human Resources Department by the company's employees. Human Resources, with the cooperation of Senior Management;
      1. Informing the Employees about the rules, providing trainings in certain periods to ensure the understanding of policies and rules, and ensuring continuous communication with the employees in this subject,
      2. To ensure that the hiring of the Company is to read the ethical rules, to be informed about it and to sign the relevant documents,
      3. To guarantee the confidentiality of complaints and notices made within the framework of Ethical Rules and to protect individuals after notifications,
      4. Ensuring the work safety of the employees in the Notification,
      5. To ensure that Complaints and notices are investigated in a timely, fair, coherent and responsive manner and to receive the necessary actions as a result of violations,
      6. Ensuring that Employees receive training on rules and revisions that exist at least once a year,
      7. They are responsible for assessing the risks that may Arise and ensuring the revision of the relevant policies in the necessary situations.


Those who violate the Business Ethics Rules or Expert Aluminium Ltd. Policies and procedures will be subject to various disciplinary sanctions that may be required to be dismissed if necessary. It will also apply to those who approve, route, or know about Disciplinary sanctions, inappropriate behaviour and the rules that cause disruptions, and do not comply with the necessary notice.

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