Ethics and Sustainability

Micro Rivet believes in Sustainability leadership and strategically positions sustainability among its core values and objectives. In This field, it aims to produce new solutions for its customers with environmental awareness and to develop responsibly and to be economically sustainable at the same time.
Micro Rivet, to implement its strategy successfully and achieve its objectives with success; The services it has provided, the cooperation with its stakeholders and the awareness and performance of its employees.
Economic Sustainability: The most fundamental aspects of the economic sustainability of Micro Rivet are the operational efficiency, customer satisfaction and investments made in the sector. As the Industry's leading company, it is among the most basic objectives of Micro Rivet to do its job in the most efficient way. At This Point, increasing operational efficiency plays a major role in ensuring both profitability and customer satisfaction. For This reason, Micro Rivet actively conducts continuous improvement and development efforts to increase operational efficiency.
Integrated Management Systems: Quality Policy, Customer Satisfaction Policy
Owned Regists: ISO 9001

Social Sustainability: At the very beginning of Micro Rivet's social sustainability objectives, the satisfaction of working with the awareness that their employees are the most valuable resources of the company. As a company that closely follows the Rapidly changing and evolving sector dynamics, Micro Rivet gives the necessary importance to education in order to manage this development. In order to ensure the continual development of the Company's employees, the company needs to organise non-company trainings.

Business Safety Policy, security Policy

Always Green Approach: Micro Rivet conducts sustainability efforts within the scope of environmental sustainability. In This context, environmental issues; Discusses climate change, carbon emissions and energy, natural resource management and waste management.

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